It's not what you eat some of the time, it's what you eat most of the time that matters.

Nourish is a course designed to blow the doors wide open and provide clarity around food and the information it is for vitality. Find out what it takes for you to be truly nourished.

Get the guilt and restriction out of your life around food and free your mind

Learn how to eat for energy, health, and mood

You don't have to 'cleanse' to release toxins and weight naturally. Real food can do the job for you (without sacrifice)

Finally understand food as the information it is for your body and mind AND become empowered

Let’s be honest for a minute, navigating the landscape around food and what to eat is a virtual minefield. If you’re feeding a family and looking for healthy choices, you’ve got a line of food manufacture’s claiming to have your answer. If it’s a diet plan you’re after, that industry will keep you locked into their way of eating for a lifetime of management (within their system of course).

Here’s the deal, it doesn’t have to be that way, and quite frankly it shouldn’t be, because we should all have a fundamental understanding of food and understand what it takes to grow, repair, and nourish with food for both our body and mind (yes, our mind too).

Strategies not Prescriptives

Built to connect the dots between the food we eat and it's effects on your body and mood states. MOST IMPORTANTLY, this course is designed to naturally release from the old paradigm of willpower, guilt, and restriction around food and replace it with a New Paradigm that places you firmly and happily in the drivers seat of your own life with vitality and freedom around the foods YOU choose to eat. Create the nourishment you need for a life that’s integrated because we are integrated whole beings (there are no fences in the mind – body connection).
By using doable and easy to apply tools for everyday living, the strategies are practical and game changing. This is not a restrictive plan or a prescriptive program. It IS information designed for application in the real world. It’s for the woman who wants to free herself and invest in herself, so she can show up for the life she desires and for all those she loves.

Hi, I’m Arlene

It doesn’t get any more basic than food. We should all know how to eat for vitality and actually Nourish our bodies or we risk the consequences.

We all have to show up for our roles in life. It’s all there waiting for us no matter what, and it’s up to us, how we want to show up.

If you’re like me and believe that it’s a good idea to show up in your role from a place of vitality, with a full cup, and well- nourished please join me.

It would be my honor to have you in class.

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Confused about food?

Confused about food?

Lose the confusion and gain clarity once and for all.

Not sure what to do?

Learn how to make lasting (and meaningful) habits for change.

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