About the instructor

Hello and Welcome, this is Arlene Figueroa and I'm so glad you're here!

I am a Health Leadership & Positive Mindset Coach, Women's Wellness Educator, Diabetes Educator Level 2, and Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (positive mindset trainer) with a driving passion for using complimentary health and healing modalities as a protective layer of preventative care.

Here are some of my core belief's in life...

  • I've come to learn that self-care and learning about the empowering art and science of self-care is really about a cultivation of awareness with an unwavering allegiance to yourself and your care. Not in any selfish way, but rather in a self-preservation way.
  • I've learned that we can't give what we don't have AND we show up in life only as good as we are.
  • Self-kindness is not something to be earned, it is something that should be given, unconditionally.
  • We will only truly love and protect ourselves when we understand the value of who we are. That value comes with respecting and honoring the life we've been given.
  • When you can show up in life from a place that's full of vitality and with a radiating sense of calm, it's felt. Emotional footprints are real. AND guess what? Everyone stands to benefit from you being your best. It's always a win for you and everyone you touch.

"Since my own health crisis in 1996, it has been a lifelong passion for me to find threads of truth in the enigmatic systems that contribute towards our health, vitality, and appreciation of life."

Here's a short Bio about me and WHY I do what I do:

Fall # 1. Happened way back in 1996 when I cured my own IBS (not one of the many doctors I visited ever asked me about the food I ate or the life I lived)

The result I learned to live by: Be your own best advocate and ‘Question what you’re told.’ Period. No one has ALL the answers, and certainly not all of yours. Your life is unique to you and you need to learn how to ‘Own it and thrive.’

AND that means we need (to want) to know more about the bodies we live in than the technology we use. It’s that simple.

Fall # 2. After having my three kids. YES I love them, but I lost myself after becoming a mom. I was so busy trying to meet everyone else’s needs that I forgot my own (I know I’m not alone here). Anxiety hit me for the first time while drowning in the overwhelm of never feeling there’s enough of me – my time, my energy, my attention. I was frazzled, fried, and near empty. Then I had an epiphany (in part thanks to my beautiful husband).

Lesson learned: Everyone will suffer until you learn how to stay vital, because no one will ever be getting the best of you. Truth.

Today I live with my husband and best friend since 1996 and we’re raising our three very spirited children – two of whom have type 1 diabetes – which means they’re insulin dependent for life and blood sugar needs to be monitored 24/7. Everyday is a day they could literally die if we’re not vigilant. Because of this, I spend hours researching nutritional healing modalities and searching for cures.

“Full-on” mode is everyday and it’s not always easy. It never is. I get tired. That’s why I’ve found ways to embrace all of the paradoxes of parenting – the good, the bad, and the ugly .

I know that it’s my choice how I want to show up. I get to choose me, just like you get to choose YOU.

I’m most certainly a work in progress – with a HUGE will to thrive. I don’t have all the answers (nobody does), but I have a driving passion for finding truths to live by, and the desire to continually learn and grow (and I have). Hats I wear include...

My Training and Certifications:

Integrative Health Leadership Coach

Women's Wellness Educator

Transformational Life & Positive Mindset Coach

Diabetes Educator Level 2 Paraprofessional

NLP Master Practitioner

Most importantly, LIFE EXPERIENCE